Infra Red Light Flash P600xx for Traffic Enforcement

Speed Cameras :

  • P600xx : about 600 J (Ws), portable 12V from 28Ah ........
  • P600 : Charge Time 0...100% in 2,5 S ( for smaller Batteries )
  • P600F : Charge Time 0...100% in 1,3 S Fast
  • P600R : Charge Time 0...100% in 2,5 S Flash Regulation
  • P600FR : Charge Time 0...100% in 1,3 S Fast + Flash Regulation

all with Radio-Slave , the P600xR for more Flashes / second.

Housing Images
Housing Measures

Housing / mm :

Gen / Head Dimension / mm Weight / g
P600xx L=195 , H=170 , B=80 1900
LK600,(R) L=220,(235) , H=130 , B=130 2500
Description P600

The New Generation of Portable Traffic Enforcement Flashes
with white , red or infrared Light.

Details and Features of the P600x and the P600xR , DIN 19011. **

P600 P600R P600FR
Energy 600 550 550 J , Ws
Current @ 12V 40 40 80 A Average charge
Current max. 1/4 Charge Time 60 60 110 A peak charge
Charge Time DIN 1,5 1,5 0.8 S
Charge Time 100% 2,5 2,2 1,3 S
Stop Time after flash 220 50 50 mS
Ready-Time of Ignition 200 200 70 mS
Flash duration T03 600J 1,6 1,6* 1,6* mS
Flash Delay by Radio-Slave 0,24 0,24 0,24 mS

* this is max. Time , you can change it with the Hardware of P600R to 1mS or less, to save Energy,
even in use with the Generator P600

** P = Portable , 600 = 600 J , F = Fast , R = Regular , LK = Lamp-Head

The P600 (F R) consists of 2 units, the Radio-Slave is normally build-in :

The Aquasun system P600 (F) and P600R are portable units, working with 12V Batteries.

They consists of the Generator, most separate build in in a waterproof case together
with the Battery ( 28Ah ore more).

And the separate Head with the Flash-Capacitors build in.

The high voltage in the Head is double protected to the connector.
If the Head will disconnect, the Capacitors will discharge directly.

The advantages of this concept are :

- No high current through the connector.
- You can connect each Lamp Head, also with different Power.
- No problems if you disconnect the Head during use.
- Longer lifetime of all components

Inside the Generator are 2 Ignition-Electronic-Units for 2x Heads,
so you can take 2x Lampheads - also with different Power - and 1x the Generator.
The Ignition-Voltage is ready after 70mS (P600xR) or after 120mS(P600) , it is autonomous .

The Generator is temperature-controlled, at 70..75°C , he will shut down for a while.

Build in is a Flash-Release by Radio at 868 / 916 MHz , with 0,25mS delay only.

The Flash-Tube of the Head is easy to change by your self, also the IR-Glas.

The differents between the P600 (F) and the P600R are :

with the P600R and the Lamp-Head LK600R, you can regular the power of each flashes all the time,
- by a command @ RS232 or
- by the Time of the X-Trigger or
- in special modes for you, choosed by a 16 position switch inside the P600xx.

For example : a sequence of 2 Flashes with different Power in max 1..2 seconds.
After this Time, without a second Flash, the P600xR will go back in the State 1.
1x 60% - 100% for the person, 1x 10% for the license plate.
You need no PC, no RS232 and you can use the Radio-Slave.

With the P600, you can control the Power with a potentiometer or a switch,
- for changing the Voltage of the Capacitors .

The P600 (R) is optimized for lowest power losses and smaller batteries,
- the current during charge is max 60A ( P600xx ) and 110A ( P600Fx ).

The P600F (R) is optimized for high speed, usually used as P600FR (= Fast + Regular),
- for more than 1 flash a second. The P600F is 2x faster than the P600.

The Lamp-Head LK600 and LK600R are similar build, the electronic inside the Generater controls this,
- so, you can use each LK600x with each P600xx.

The LK600R can stop the Flash after a definition Time, even with the P600 or P600F (without "R" )
- a closed shutter needs no light.

The charging Time will reduced of about 0,2S with a P600xR + LK600R in opposite to the P600x

1x P600 with a 12V / 80 Ah Battery can flashes about 2200 times with full Power @ 600J .
- Competitors reach with 300 J the half numbers of flashes with a 12V / 80Ah battery.

A Test for Efficiency and Endurance with a battery of 12V/28 Ah, 1x P600, 1x Flash all 60 Seconds takes :

with 300J : T = 26 Hours and 1477 Flashes :


with 600J: T = 14 Hours and 990 Flashes :


A Test for Nx Flashes, 1x Flash all 6 Seconds with a P600Fx , LK600 , 12V 80 Ah generates 1590 Flashes :


Here, you can see, that you can use, for example 2x LK600 and 1x P600Fx together.

The charging-time to full power for the P600F and P600 :

Ladekurve fastLadekurve

The duration of light with full power and the delay by the radio-release :


Example :

With the "normal" P600R , not the fast P600FR , 4x Flashes a second , with charged capacitors :

In 1 second, the generator P600R charges about 300 J (Ws) (the P600FR charges 500J ) :
- For 4 Flashes, you have about 900 J (Ws) with all reserves for the Flashes .
- Energy for one Flash < (900 J / 4) would be OK.

You take about 120 J a flash = ~ -2 F-Stop and different times between the Flashes .
- the command serial is “ 60” .( all 20 = -1 F-Stop, "100"is 100% )

This is the result with 4x flashes / second :
- looking to the voltage of the capacitors (Umax= 694V) :

For more Energie / flash, you should take the 600FR, the P600FR charges about 150 J in 0,33 second.
For this example, you can make 5 or 6 Flashes / second with the P600FR or take 2x LK600R + 1x P600FR.

for further Information : contact us.